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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Apex Learning Virtual School and our online Courses and Tutorials. Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

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About ALVS

Is Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) part of Edmentum and EdOptions Academy?

Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) is a tuition-based, private online school for grades 6–12 and is part of the Edmentum family.

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Accreditation & Approvals

Is ALVS accredited?

Yes. Apex Learning Virtual School has been accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED) since 2011, and it holds regional accreditation with NWAC and WASC. Visit our course catalog to view all our NCAA-, University of California–, and College Board–approved courses.

Is ALVS NCAA approved?

Yes! ALVS is approved by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). You can visit our course catalog to view all our NCAA-approved courses or review our approved courses on the NCAA High School Portal using our CEEB code: 481142.

See a full list of Apex Learning’s approvals

Course Enrollment

How do students know what courses to take?

Students looking to take individual courses should talk to their guidance counselor at their local school to find out which courses are needed to meet graduation requirements. Students enrolled in our Full-Time School will receive guidance from their ALVS Counselor or Success Coach on their course schedule. The syllabus for each course can be found in our Course Catalog.

How much do courses cost?

Course prices vary depending on the type of course. Visit our Tuition page for tuition information for both part-time and full-time enrollment.

Some courses may require additional materials, which can be purchased at any retailer of your choice. To purchase a course or to check whether additional materials are needed, please visit our course catalog.

How do students register for courses?

To enroll in individual courses, visit our Course Catalog. Choose a course, select your semester option, select your start date, add to cart, and continue with the checkout process.

The checkout process will require that you create an account on our website. Please note that this account is for placing orders and viewing order history but is not connected to student course accounts or progress information.

Find more information about applying to our full-time program here.

Students or parents can also call 1.855.550.2547 and speak to an admissions advisor with any questions.

When can students start the courses?

ALVS offers rolling admissions. Courses start on any Monday, with the exception of holidays. Students who purchased courses outside of business hours Friday through Sunday for a start date of the following Monday can expect to receive access to the course on Tuesday.

Courses are listed on our transcripts under fall, spring, and summer terms based on their start dates as outlined below:

Course Start Date Term
August–November Fall
December–April Spring
May–July Summer

How do students get started in their courses?

Students will receive an enrollment email within five days from the course start date that was selected at the time of purchase. The email will contain login credentials, a link for accessing their accounts, and details about the course and its start and end dates. Course content will become accessible on the start date listed in the email. Students will also receive a welcome email from their teacher within 24 hours of the course start date.

How can parents/guardians monitor student progress?

When students’ enrollments are processed, guardians will receive an email with login credentials for their guardian account. This account provides access to information such as course information and pacing suggestions, progress and performance data, student activity, teacher information, and a message center.

How do students withdraw from courses?

If a student needs to withdraw from a course, their guardian may request a withdrawal in writing to Requests made within the first 14 calendar days from the selected start date are eligible for a partial refund. For more information, please review our policies.

Are materials required for ALVS courses?

Course materials apply to the Core, Prescriptive and Honors pathways. Materials include:

  • Textbooks, novels, science lab manuals, and other books.
  • Microphones, speakers or headphones, and calculators.
  • Business productivity-type software, such as Microsoft Office.
  • Lab materials. Visit Apex Learning Support at for a list of hands-on lab materials.

For a full list of courses and materials required see the materials list .

How do students complete labs in science courses?

Our core and honors lab science courses allow students the option to complete dry or wet (hands-on) labs. Each course provides instructions for both options. If students opt for wet labs, they will need additional materials. For some of our courses, we partner with Quality Science Labs for custom kits. Visit the materials list to see what materials are needed or whether a custom kit is available.

Please note that Advanced Placement (AP) lab courses will require students to complete hands-on labs.

See a step-by-step overview of our full-time and part-time enrollment process

Course Types & Curriculum

What types of courses do you offer?

ALVS offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of every student.

Standard Course - 18 weeks/semester
Standard, on-level courses are built to national standards for the intended grade level for the course.

Standard Course, Honors - 18 weeks/semester
Honors courses cover the same or similar curriculum as on-level courses but may provide more depth into the topics and more challenging activities.

Standard Course, AP - 18 weeks/semester
Advanced Placement courses are approved by the College Board and cover college-level curriculum.

  • Students should work with their local schools to schedule the AP exam
  • Courses require additional materials
  • Science courses require hands-on labs

Credit Recovery - 10 weeks total
Credit recovery courses are designed for students who need to retake a course due to a failed grade. Students take pretests at the beginning of each unit. If they pass with a 70% or above, they will test out of the unit and may move on to the next.

  • Credit recovery courses are not NCAA-approved
  • Two-semester courses are combined
  • Students cannot retake activities in a tested-out unit

Tutorial - 6 months
Tutorials consist of supplemental material intended to help students master the skills and concepts needed to succeed in their courses.

  • Tutorials are not credit-bearing
  • Tutorials do not include a teacher

Are all courses in the Apex Learning system?

Apex Learning Virtual School is proud to partner with Middlebury Interactive Languages for some world language courses in our catalog. Additionally, as part of the Edmentum family, we are able to provide some expanded offerings in the Edmentum Courseware platform. All courses are still supported by the Apex Learning Virtual School team.

What types of assignments will students be completing in their courses?

Students will complete a variety of computer-scored work (such as multiple-choice quizzes) and teacher-scored work (such as unit tests). Language courses will include teacher-scored audio assignments. For more detail about the activities in a specific course, please visit our course catalog to view the syllabus for any course.

Can students retake or resubmit activities or tests for a better score?

Students should discuss options for retaking any activities with their instructor.

Course Duration & Pacing

How long does each course last?

Course duration depends on the type of course purchased.

Course Type Maximum Duration
Standard Courses (Including Honors and AP). 18 weeks per semester
Credit Recovery 10 weeks total
Tutorials 6 months

Full-time students must complete courses within the duration of their contract, regardless of course type.

For any questions, please call 855-550-2547 to speak with an admissions advisor.

Can students get extensions if they do not finish by the course end date?

No, extensions are not included with individual courses. When students are enrolled in their course, they are given the maximum amount of time allotted for the selected course.

Are courses different during the summer term?

No, course content and curriculum are the same year-round. Students can accelerate to finish a course earlier than scheduled by communicating with their instructor.

Can students finish courses faster?

Yes, with 24/7 access to the learning platform and no required live sessions, students are able to work ahead of schedule, and they may finish the course anytime before the scheduled end date. Course activities have due dates to help keep students on track, and it is strongly recommended that students complete course activities in order. If students plan to accelerate, they should communicate their plans with their instructor for early test access.

How quickly will teachers respond to questions or grade work?

Teachers will respond to questions within 24 business hours and will grade work within 72 business hours. Please note that if students submit more than three assignments at one time, they may experience a longer turnaround time and feedback on activities submitted in bulk may be more general.

Students can expect to see a final grade posted within 72 business hours after finishing the course.

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Credits & Transcripts

Will students get credit from their local school for individual courses taken at ALVS?

Yes. As a Cognia-accredited private online school with approvals from respected organizations like the NCAA, University of California, and the College Board, most schools will immediately accept transfer credits from ALVS. Call your local school counselor to verbally confirm your student’s eligibility for credit or feel free to use this ALVS Course Credit Authorization form that is available to you as a resource.

Can students earn a diploma at ALVS?

Yes. Apex Learning Virtual School is a fully accredited private online school for grades 6-12. Students can enroll full-time and earn a college preparatory high school diploma through our full-time program. Learn more about our Full-Time School.

How do students request a transcript?

Official transcripts may be ordered through Parchment, and both electronic and hard copies are available. Full instructions on ordering a transcript are available here. Please keep in mind that teachers will post a final grade within 72 business hours of the course end date and that transcript orders will take one to two business days to process.

Get information on credit authorization or to request a transcript