Preview of the Slot Game “Panda’s Fortune 2”

It’s easy to forget that pandas are actually bears, what with their kind demeanor and adorable appearance. At least black and white giant pandas are; the red ones resemble racoons more closely. In Panda’s Fortune 2, the sequel slot machine by Pragmatic Play, the emphasis is on the colossal panda. You know the ones; they have so much soft fur that it looks like someone has applied too much mascara. It seems sense to utilize these gentle giants, which represent peace and friendship in China, in a slot machine with an Asian theme.

The bamboo gobblers have obviously been seen on the reels before. The two slot games, Panda’s Fortune 2 and its 2017 predecessor, feature more similarities than differences. For begin, they both use a grid of 25 fixed paylines over 5 reels and 3 rows. In terms of aesthetics, the second installment has higher-definition graphics and a shift from the bamboo woods of the first. That is, surrounded by pagodas and trees and peaks and traditional Chinese music as if you were dreaming on the side of a mountain. You know the routine if you’ve ever played a game like this before.

Bets in Panda’s Fortune 2 may be placed between 25 pence and £/€125, and the game can be played on any platform from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. The standard return to player (RTP) is also higher than previously, at a generous 96.51%. You shouldn’t anticipate a deluge of wins (5/5) due to the game’s high volatility, but things may heat up when those golden frames start to stay in the free spins bonus round.

When three or more of the same symbols appear on an active payline beginning with the first reel, a reward is awarded. Lower-paying symbols include 9-A card royals rendered in calligraphic style, while high-paying symbols include bonsai trees, fish, frogs, lions, and, oddly, butterflies. All of them have a lovely, exotic Asian appearance. The payout for a full house is just four to eight times the original bet, and the values aren’t particularly high. When he appears on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, our panda friend acts as a wild symbol. Wild pandas can be used in place of any other symbol, scatter included.

Slot Machine Featured in Panda’s Fortune 2

All pay symbols, excluding the bonus, have a golden variant that can appear on any reel during regular play and free plays. They may be combined like any other symbols and have the same meaning. The key distinction is that a bonus may be provided whenever a golden symbol is part of a winning combination.

A random payout between 5x and 4,998x the wager is offered for a five-of-a-kind win with any golden symbol. If you get a win with three or four golden wilds, you’ll get paid three times your wager. Alternately, a combination of three or more high-value golden symbols pays out two times the wager, while a combination of three or more low-value golden tiles pays out once the wager. Each prize is given in addition to whatever was won on the spin.

Watch for the yin yang scatter symbol, as 3, 4, or 5 anywhere on the reels will trigger 12 free games and a reward of 2x, 15x, or 100x your initial wager. Every time a golden symbol appears during free spins, the corresponding position becomes highlighted and remains so until the feature ends. After then, only golden signs appear in predetermined locations. Gain an additional eight free spins whenever three or more bonus symbols appear during the round.

The Second Round of Panda’s Luck Slots

If Pragmatic Play hadn’t opted to make a sequel to Panda’s Fortune, gamers wouldn’t have missed out on anything. The only people who will approve of the increased prize pool and additional opportunities to win are die-hard fans of Panda’s Fortune. Panda’s Fortune 2 is passable for what it is, a game focused on Asia. It has the classic green, gold, and red accents; the setting and characters are instantly recognizable; and the stakes are low. Since pandas aren’t exactly common, we may allow for a modicum of uniqueness among them.

Panda’s Fortune 2’s increased possibility for winning is commendable, as are the game’s top-tier payouts for matching golden symbols. Spending significant time with Panda’s Fortune 2 necessitates learning how the golden symbols modify the various winning combinations. Not knowing everything might make you feel like you’re missing out on some of the game’s best features. The rare pleasant surprise is caused, however, by the occasional greater victories that come in out of the blue.

The first place award seems a little low. Most players will be aware that the number eight is considered lucky in China, thus it’s likely that Pragmatic Play lowered the multiplier from 5,000x to 4,998x so as to include the number eight. Simply said, the sequel is more enticing to players since the maximum win in it is 5,000x more than in the first Panda’s Fortune.

Panda’s Fortune 2 is a tailor-made slot machine for a specific demographic, like so many other games from Pragmatic Play. It’s hard to get excited about what a precisely crafted game does if you’re not among the target audience. To sum up, Panda’s Fortune 2 is a solid option whether you’re partial to lugubrious pandas or just want to play a modernized slot machine with an Asian theme. If not, then the Asian slot machine selection remains the same.

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